Tips on how to prepare for your first music festival

If you’re attending a camping music festival, figuring out what exactly you need to pack can be a stressful experience. It’s even more difficult to do if it’s your first time actually camping! Don’t sweat it. Camping Music Festivals are incredibly fun but since you are subject to Mother Nature’s surprises you need to be prepared for the worst. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need all of these but they will make your experience more enjoyable.

  1. Tent — Although there are other methods for camping, 95 percent of people use tents. This is the tried and true method of sleeping at Camping Festivals and will assure that you have privacy as well as protection from the elements.
  2. E-Z Up Canopy (AKA Pop Up Canopy) — These are very convenient especially for hanging out during the day when not much is going on. It will keep you shaded and serves as an extra layer of protection if you place it directly over your tent.
  3. Extra Stakes — Much better to have extra than not enough. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen a rogue gust of wind take a tent or a canopy flying.
  4. Air Mattress/Sleeping Bag/Cot — This is personal preference. Be sure to bring a pump if you do plan on bringing an air mattress. Worst case, you can most likely find a friendly neighbor who will let you use theirs.
  5. Blankets and Bed Sheets— Better safe than sorry; trust me, I learned the hard way. Queen Size or bigger. Stuff them int your bag and lay them down where ever you find space at a show to sit down or take a nap. Rest is vital.
  6. Camping Chairs — Bring extras so your new friends will have a comfy place to lounge!
  7. Lantern or Battery-powered lights — These are vital especially if you plan on hanging out at your campsite at any point during the night.
  8. Tarps — These are especially useful for creating shade around your tent or canopy. They will also help keep your campsite dry in the off chance that it rains.
  9. Tapestries — Great for added privacy and photo-ops. Tie them around the sides of your canopy and fold them up during the day if you want additional wind flow.
  10. Cooler — Most festivals will also sell bagged ice but typically at a premium price. Pro Tip: pack some dry ice at the bottom of your cooler to keep everything cool for a longer amount of time.
  11. Solar Shower — Some music festivals will have free showers, but many will charge for this luxury. A solar shower is a great way for you and your friends to keep clean and save some money.
  12. Towels — Useful for cleaning up spills and/or drying off after a nice shower.
  13. Battery Powered Fan — These will help you to remain cool during the day while you hang out at the campsite.
  14. Personal Device Charger — If it’s not solar-powered be sure to have it fully charged!
  15. Bug Spray and/or Citronella candles — Will mostly keep Mosquitoes and other pesky critters away from your campsite.
  16. Zipties and/or rope — Always useful for when you have to tie anything up around your campsite, on your totem,  or elsewhere
  17. Flag and/or Totem — This is a great way to express yourself! Also serves the function of being a nice campsite marker just in case you get lost finding your way back.